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Thanks to our wide-ranging experienced operation with publishers globally, we are exceptionally placed to provide a first class eminence ad buying deal on behalf of our clients. At Commissioned Entertainment, we pride ourselves in saving our clientʼs money and time while advancing their ad campaign presentation.

The services we provide during ad buying are as follows:

1) Tactical Advertisement design: We support our clientʼs station or channel of choice and offer free tactical guidance on the numerous media platforms one can opt for. We can then identify the channels that have a high viewing capacity and reach the clients specific target audiences. At Commissioned entertainment we will deliver a hinged, poised and a better campaign strategy, which we will convey effectively.

2) Full-cycle campaign administration: We will act as your agent when buying. Yes we represent the client for all channels and media they opt for. We will take part in the negotiations to ensure the client lands the best media ad deals available. Using our services significantly reduces the administrative load our clients face. The burden on the client will cease because we and we alone will be the single contact for all advertisement campaign undertakings. We deal with clientʼs advertisement campaign logistics, accomplish the ad timetable, run the different ad technical necessities and where necessary deal with advertisement deal calls that will come through at times.

3) Free service: All this work comes at no cost. We get our commission from the advertisement package that we compose with the suppliers who offer us agency discounts. This is a typical practice in this sector of ad buying. First timers in advertising are at the peril of making hefty payments for publicity that is spontaneous and which they cannot measure or control.

Small companies now have something to rejoice about. The media landscape in the recent past has made it possible for new advertisers to start advertising in a judicious manner. This will be achieved through buying print while doing their first ad. Print ads especially in the client’s locality and environment newsweeklies can be very cost effective. Another clever way to get a clientʼs feet wet and gain a cutting-edge in print advertising is by buying leftover space accessible through countless dealers. Remainder space in the advertisement landscape is a last-minute super-saver. Many publications will have an additional page that can be sold at half the price or even less as the print deadline nears. One can also consider adopting a lasting deal in lieu of a fee break. Opportunities are plentiful especially in local publications. Sometimes the local publications even sweeten the deals for clients by giving them several months of free ad publications for signing an annual term deal.

At Commissioned Entertainment, your vision of landing a great advertisement deal is within reach. We have been tested and proven and have the experience it takes to get you what you want. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring the clients are satisfied. Do not search any further Commissioned entertainment will get the work done. Try us and you will keep coming back for more.

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