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Ad Buying

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Thanks to our wide-ranging experienced operation with publishers globally, we are exceptionally placed to provide a first class eminence ad buying deal on behalf of our clients. At Commissioned Entertainment, we pride ourselves in saving our clientʼs money and time while advancing their ad campaign presentation.

The services we provide during ad buying are as follows:

1) Tactical Advertisement design: We support our clientʼs station or channel of choice and offer free tactical guidance on the numerous media platforms one can opt for. We can then identify the channels that have a high viewing capacity and reach the clients specific target audiences. At Commissioned entertainment we will deliver a hinged, poised and a better campaign strategy, which we will convey effectively.

2) Full-cycle campaign administration: We will act as your agent when buying. Yes we represent the client for all channels and media they opt for. We will take part in the negotiations to ensure the client lands the best media ad deals available. Using our services significantly reduces the administrative load our clients face. The burden on the client will cease because we and we alone will be the single contact for all advertisement campaign undertakings. We deal with clientʼs advertisement campaign logistics, accomplish the ad timetable, run the different ad technical necessities and where necessary deal with advertisement deal calls that will come through at times.

3) Free service: All this work comes at no cost. We get our commission from the advertisement package that we compose with the suppliers who offer us agency discounts. This is a typical practice in this sector of ad buying. First timers in advertising are at the peril of making hefty payments for publicity that is spontaneous and which they cannot measure or control.

Small companies now have something to rejoice about. The media landscape in the recent past has made it possible for new advertisers to start advertising in a judicious manner. This will be achieved through buying print while doing their first ad. Print ads especially in the client’s locality and environment newsweeklies can be very cost effective. Another clever way to get a clientʼs feet wet and gain a cutting-edge in print advertising is by buying leftover space accessible through countless dealers. Remainder space in the advertisement landscape is a last-minute super-saver. Many publications will have an additional page that can be sold at half the price or even less as the print deadline nears. One can also consider adopting a lasting deal in lieu of a fee break. Opportunities are plentiful especially in local publications. Sometimes the local publications even sweeten the deals for clients by giving them several months of free ad publications for signing an annual term deal.

At Commissioned Entertainment, your vision of landing a great advertisement deal is within reach. We have been tested and proven and have the experience it takes to get you what you want. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring the clients are satisfied. Do not search any further Commissioned entertainment will get the work done. Try us and you will keep coming back for more.


Monday, February 18th, 2013

Setting up a business takes more than having money. In order to succeed when you get such an establishment you may have to build your corporate image which may include coming up with unique and catchy slogans that identify your company, products, and services. A slogan is a memorable repetitive statement or set of statements that define the purpose of your company. Definitely in this age of innovation and high competition you would want your company to stand out among the rest. At we help you to reach your target audience in your own unique way.

Slogans form part of the business that you can engage us for. In fact a slogan helps the public to distinguish your company from your competitors. With this very short statement the public becomes aware in not so many words about what your company or organization is capable of delivering. Therefore, coming up with a suitable slogan involves creativity and expertise the kind that is available at Organizations and products can be labeled with slogans as part of your public relations and marketing strategy. However, it is necessary that such a process is authentic, and can be integrated. Besides there should be a way in which such a process can be measured which then requires the services of professionals like

In setting up these slogans you are assured of presenting your purpose statement to your clients in a unique and reliable voice. Definitely there are a number of features that will ensure that your slogan stands out among the rest. It may be important to note also that such a slogan must be short and precise and hence enable the client to remember and recite it easily. Other considerations to successful slogan design include the following:

The slogan can have a rhyme as well as a ring. This feature will make it pleasing to hear and easy to remember. Sometimes this can be put into a song to enhance this effect. Within that single statement must be the company’s commitment which should be carefully worded to help the client to understand what your company does. Apart from the rhyme and ring, your slogan must also be as short as possible in which case it can be remembered even with first time audience or viewers. It is also very important to highlight a key benefit within your slogan apart from the commitment. This must also be done honestly without any exaggerations.

Generally, slogans play a very important role in the successful marketing of your business. They are considered as a very effective tool in advertising campaigns and the development of your corporate image. These must be designed with a professional touch to achieve the desired results. At you get the most appropriate expert advice and service like slogans design as well as many other tools to help your establish an authentic voice among your targeted audience. In essence this company will help you build your public relations and marketing impact in the most reliable way by giving you an authentic voice.

Press Kits

Monday, February 11th, 2013

You might think that press kits are unnecessary for your small business. Odds are you have a different client base than most large high profiled companies. Press kits however are not just for high profiled and large companies. Whatever industry or size of your business, you need a press kit. It does not matter if you are a broker, a startup entrepreneur, or a franchiser, you need this kit to market, promote, and advertise your goods and services. There are companies that usually adopt aggressive promotional campaigns, but when it comes to addressing the media’s request for a press kit, they are at a loss.

What is a press kit? A press kit is a prepackaged set of advertising, promotional, and marketing materials distributed by the organization or company to media members for promotional use. This kit is sometimes called a media kit, which contains an information packet about your product or business. Since, most of this marketing and advertising is media and press related they termed it a media kit. This kit is like the resume for your company. It is a collection of your companyʼs articles and information that is put together to address questions from investors, potential clients, media, and others. It can be used for product launchings, acquisitions and mergers, news conferences, industry trade shows and other large events. The press kits goal is the same as any promotional tool
that a company has. It should make a lasting impression, grab your reader’s attention, and create interest so they will contact you for more information.

What is in this press kit? Press kits usually allow businesses of any sizes the chance to attract new customers by offering your company’s visual overviews. Therefore, the items that can go into this kit always depend on your audience, situation, and its usage. Keep in mind there is a big difference between kits for potential investors and potential clients. Although, they should be comprehensive, every promotional item or marketing collateral you produced should not be included. The basic information your press kit should have is as follows:

1) A one-page information sheet: this usually acts as your easy and quick reference point for anyone interested in finding out more about your company. You should include your company profile and name, the established year, primary business, key employees, earning potential, and list of all of your key clients.

2) Images and logos: inserting several strategically placed images will usually pay dividends. It will break up the text amount making your press kits easier on the eye. It lets your client also see, who they are dealing with.

3) Company history: having this as part of your press kits adds an authority, so your potential clients can see that you have a reputable background. It also provides the sound bites for any media stories.

There, you have it. It is indispensable to have a press kit for businesses of any size. Just follow the things mentioned above and nothing should go wrong. As a result, press kits are an excellent way to increase new clients because of the instant visibility they give you.


Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

With over 20 years experience of helping business from all across the globe to develop products, services, marketing strategies, and promotions, we have been able to harness the services we offer to suit our customer needs and preferences. All our marketing research is carried out by experts who possess the skills and expertise needed to get your product  the top quality publicity service that best suits your needs amicably. Here are some of the benefits of using publicity service to market your products.

Effective Competition – Competition is inevitable, and the driving force in any PR strategy in today market niches. Publicity services help to ensure that you compete effectively with other players in the same niche. We will employ an intensive market research campaign before making any recommendations in our bid for your business to ensure that our products and services help you achieve your expected results.

Expand Market Base - Profitability of your business relies heavily on the number of clients that utilize your products or services. We use modern marketing strategies that are efficient in passing relevant information concerning your company to your the targeted audience. Success of any marketing plan relies heavily on public relation and the reputation of the company among current and potential clients. We will guide you through the whole process to ensure that your brand enjoys the best reputation with your clients. Our professionals ensure that your product information is presented in an authentic manner that helps to build long-lasting relationship with your target customers.

Our publicity services are very effective and strategically designed to engage and reach your customers. By implementing this marketing tool in your strategy, you will be able to achieve your sales objectives and companies set goals.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of using this service is that your competitors might copy your strategy after seeing how your business is growing. This can be corrected by coming up with new ideas to renew the initial publicity approach.

Using publicity service as an advertising tool is one of the sure ways of elevating your business to the next level of success.

When You Start An Online Business

Monday, January 7th, 2013

When you start an online business, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration in an effort to ensure that you are advertising your website in the most efficient way. Hiring a Marketing or Promotion company to help you out can allow you to efficiently promote your business online, by using a variety of different methods. The methods that you should look into include utilizing free advertising sources where available, consistently optimizing your website for better conversion rates and capturing leads from your visitors to consistently market your products to them.

Use Free Advertising Methods

Because the Internet gives you access to so many customers that you otherwise would not ever be able to reach, it is in your best interest utilize the free advertising methods that are available. From classified advertisements, to social networking, you need to make sure that you are using all of the resources that you have available to you in an effort to get the best possible outcome. Utilizing free advertising methods can be a benefit to many business, and will allow you to ensure that you are getting the most from your money. The same can be said when you hire a marketing or promotion company as well. Advising them to use the free advertising sources that are available will help them to keep their costs down, allowing them to charge you less.

Always Optimize

One often underrated aspect of marketing is the fact that you always need to be optimizing. Every single landing page on the Internet has one small addition, or change that could be made that could increase the overall conversion rate at least a small amount. By always analyzing what your users do on your page, you can devise a better landing page, which allows you to increase your revenue. By consistently optimizing your website, you can be certain that you are doing everything in your power to increase the conversion rate of a given page, making it more user-friendly and easier to understand.

Capture Leads

One huge mistake that many small businesses online make is the failure to capture leads from their visitors. Usually, when a website captures leads, they are simply capturing a name and an e-mail. Then, they can send newsletters to this e-mail, and consistently continue to market their products to the individual over time. Although they may not be willing to make a purchase on the day that they enter their e-mail, through building trust with them, they may be ready to make a purchase in a few months with minimal effort on your part, since everyone is receiving the same newsletter.

Online marketing can be difficult for someone that is never done it before. It is all about brand awareness and getting your website in front of as many people as you possibly can, in the short amount of time. With a little bit of effort, and help from experts in your industry, you can put together an excellent marketing campaign for a new website, that generates customers and build brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more vital for companies that rely on the internet for their business as well as revenue. It includes all those strategies aimed at improving the ranking of your website on popular search engines, such that when one types a question on a search engine, there are chances of it being featured in the top result pages. Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing technical concept that not many people are good at, therefore the task of making your site compatible with the latest SEO standards should be left to professional SEO providers, who’d do the needful.

Professional SEO Consulting Service

The main function of an SEO services provider is to edit and optimize your website’s content and thus make it easily retrievable for the various search engines. To ensure that your website receives a high ranking, the SEO services provider must have thorough knowledge on the workings of search engine algorithms, which do change from time to time.

Steps involved in Optimization of a Website

The task of optimizing a website normally involves a number of different steps such as:

1. Keyword Analysis – After scrutinizing your website in detail, the consultant performs extensive keyword analysis plus analysis to identify the keywords that are best suited for it. The density of the keywords is then enhanced by ensuring that they are fairly spread throughout the content.

2. Link Building – This is basically the process of internally linking your site’s pages, including getting back-links from other websites.

3. Tags – The consultant also has to check whether your content has the right title and Meta tags as this is yet another important factor that severely affects page rankings.

4. Optimizing the Content – During website optimization process, the webpages have to be scrutinized for plagiarized and duplicate contents, offensive language, and hidden content. Such anomalies have to be rectified if your site is to receive a better ranking.

Using the above tips, plus enlisting the services of an SEO provider can improve the quality of your website as well as that of your company’s business. An improved ranking for your website only translates into more business and revenue.

Article Writing

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Launching a website? Marketing a product? Promoting an event? If you are doing this via the internet it is imperative that you have the best article writing services available. For those of you who are looking for top-notch article writers in the market, you can completely rely on the service Commissioned Entertainment provides. With over twenty years experience in the field, this enables us to provide you with the best content on the market. We currently employ the best content writers available. They love working together and are well versed on a variety of subject matters. With ample knowledge of market research and SEO techniques, our content writers are able to provide refined content that is not be available elsewhere.

When our clients choose their topics or subjects they can be assured that the best quality content will be made available to them in a timely manner. Customer satisfaction is of our upmost importance. The clientele base of this company stands as proof of the level of service that we have been providing over the years. Our team of writers, write and edit all projects before the final version is submitted to the client. We also try to ensure that the content sent to the clients is flawless and performs well in search engines.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that when one is looking for content of high quality, Commissioned Entertainment should be your first choice. The content on a site dictates its performance and determines the visitor viewpoint when your product or service is in question. From beginning to end it is gravely important that you retain a seasoned group of writers who are knowledgeable on a wide array of topics. Your search for quality content and top-notch article writing services ends with Commissioned Entertainment.

Business Card Design

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Business card design services are very important in creating a good image for a company. The design of business cards can greatly influence the perception people form regarding a company. These cards speak for the services provided and products offered. Failing to hire a quality business card designer will result in a bad first impression, which is not good for business. This could likely cause a company to lose potential clients or customers.

Commissioned employs a team of professionals who are determined to offer quality business card design services. We know how important a business card is to a company and the role it can play towards it’s success. As such, we will come up with designs that make your business cards stand out from the competition. This is one of the most effective tools in conveying identity and good impressions for your brand. First impressions are crucial for a company and business cards can help create the desired perception in the mind of potential clients. We always do our best to ensure that your company establish and maintain good relationships with target markets through your business cards. With our services, you are assured of business cards that will create a lasting impression.

Our professionally trained and experienced business card designers will work on your concept from start to finish. We work with you in the designing, printing, and the completion phase. Even if you are not certain on how your business card should look, our experienced designers will guide you through the process. Our goal is to ensure that you get a card design that uniquely represents the corporate identity of your business. We have designed many cards for many types of businesses and organizations that produce quality products. Meeting your satisfaction is our major priority. After doing business with us many of our clients have went on to recommend us to their colleagues. You can count on Commissioned Entertainment to deliver the best results that will take your business to another level when you hire our business card design services.

Street Promotion

Monday, December 10th, 2012

In todayʼs fast paced world of marketing where digital has become the norm street promotion can still have a major impact in helping consumers discover your product. Street promotion entails spreading the word about your brand or event in the field through non-traditional marketing methods. You may be launching a product or having an event that you would like to promote yet you do not have a street team to go out and promote it to your targeted demographic. Have no fear our street team can be of great help in ensuring that your target audience knows about your event. Failing to hire street teams who are experienced in promotion may result in low turn out to your event, your new product not competing properly with other brands and being unable to realize your set marketing goals.

Commissioned Entertainment offers a team of professional street marketing experts. We have helped numerous companies who didn’t have in house street teams accomplish their marketing goals. With our many years of experience, we will come up with an effective strategy and innovative tactics that will enable you, your event, or product to achieve its set goal. Our aim is to always enable our clients to break through the glass ceiling and connect with their targeted audience. With Commissioned you will have an effective street campaign that will engage consumers and result to increased sales.

At Commissioned we offer full-service field marketing solutions for your brand, business or event. Our experts will ensure that your business receives the exposure needed when we are hired. We can also design materials that will create the desired impression and impact on your targeted audience. Whether you have specific regions or demographics that you would like to reach in your marketing campaign, we will ensure that your message is received in an effective manner. We use innovative, diversified and distinctive non-traditional media outlets to communicate with your target audience. These include, stickers, street decals, sidewalk stencils, chalk art, posters, van wraps and postcards among others. We will go to nightclubs, sporting events, lifestyle shops and music venues to promote your event. You can count on Commissioned Entertainment to deliver the most cost-effective street promotion services available.

Website Design

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Commissioned Entertainment’s website design service is tailored precisely to fit the specific needs of your company. Before any work is done we have a comprehensive discussion with the client about their philosophy and what type of market they are looking to enter so we can best determine the website that is right for you. Commissioned will never publish a website until the customer is completely satisfied that the site is a true reflection of their company.

Website design is a process in which a company formally announces its arrival in the marketplace. Because it is on the World Wide Web it must be reflective of the services they currently offer current customers while hoping to attract new customers. Of course every website differs in size, and style depending on the type of business it represents. This comes into play when considering the type of online advertising dollars one is willing to spend and potentially how much one could make.

Now that your website is done everything is great! All you have to do is sit back and watch the money roll in. WRONG! Think of it like this: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” A company could have the greatest website ever made but if no one knows about it, it’s useless. The most important part of website design is search engine ranking. Commissioned along with its client will discuss what they feel their potential customer base will be searching for online so we can best optimize your website for search engines. We will not rest until the top search engines are aware of your site once it goes live.

A website isn’t complete without a domain name, and we at Commissioned can take care of this for you along with web hosting. This will put your mind at ease knowing that we make sure everything gets done in a timely and proficient order so that your site will be a success.

Commissioned Entertainment  offers a good value for your hard earned dollars. We pledge to build our clients quality websites that are done quickly but more importantly done correctly. Once all of the details are given to us we get to work on creating a site that will blow your mind and have your customers in awe. Communication with our clients is a must at Commissioned and we strive to go that extra mile so that our, clients are 100% satisfied.