Press Kits

You might think that press kits are unnecessary for your small business. Odds are you have a different client base than most large high profiled companies. Press kits however are not just for high profiled and large companies. Whatever industry or size of your business, you need a press kit. It does not matter if you are a broker, a startup entrepreneur, or a franchiser, you need this kit to market, promote, and advertise your goods and services. There are companies that usually adopt aggressive promotional campaigns, but when it comes to addressing the media’s request for a press kit, they are at a loss.

What is a press kit? A press kit is a prepackaged set of advertising, promotional, and marketing materials distributed by the organization or company to media members for promotional use. This kit is sometimes called a media kit, which contains an information packet about your product or business. Since, most of this marketing and advertising is media and press related they termed it a media kit. This kit is like the resume for your company. It is a collection of your company╩╝s articles and information that is put together to address questions from investors, potential clients, media, and others. It can be used for product launchings, acquisitions and mergers, news conferences, industry trade shows and other large events. The press kits goal is the same as any promotional tool
that a company has. It should make a lasting impression, grab your reader’s attention, and create interest so they will contact you for more information.

What is in this press kit? Press kits usually allow businesses of any sizes the chance to attract new customers by offering your company’s visual overviews. Therefore, the items that can go into this kit always depend on your audience, situation, and its usage. Keep in mind there is a big difference between kits for potential investors and potential clients. Although, they should be comprehensive, every promotional item or marketing collateral you produced should not be included. The basic information your press kit should have is as follows:

1) A one-page information sheet: this usually acts as your easy and quick reference point for anyone interested in finding out more about your company. You should include your company profile and name, the established year, primary business, key employees, earning potential, and list of all of your key clients.

2) Images and logos: inserting several strategically placed images will usually pay dividends. It will break up the text amount making your press kits easier on the eye. It lets your client also see, who they are dealing with.

3) Company history: having this as part of your press kits adds an authority, so your potential clients can see that you have a reputable background. It also provides the sound bites for any media stories.

There, you have it. It is indispensable to have a press kit for businesses of any size. Just follow the things mentioned above and nothing should go wrong. As a result, press kits are an excellent way to increase new clients because of the instant visibility they give you.

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