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Street Promotion

Monday, December 10th, 2012

In todayʼs fast paced world of marketing where digital has become the norm street promotion can still have a major impact in helping consumers discover your product. Street promotion entails spreading the word about your brand or event in the field through non-traditional marketing methods. You may be launching a product or having an event that you would like to promote yet you do not have a street team to go out and promote it to your targeted demographic. Have no fear our street team can be of great help in ensuring that your target audience knows about your event. Failing to hire street teams who are experienced in promotion may result in low turn out to your event, your new product not competing properly with other brands and being unable to realize your set marketing goals.

Commissioned Entertainment offers a team of professional street marketing experts. We have helped numerous companies who didn’t have in house street teams accomplish their marketing goals. With our many years of experience, we will come up with an effective strategy and innovative tactics that will enable you, your event, or product to achieve its set goal. Our aim is to always enable our clients to break through the glass ceiling and connect with their targeted audience. With Commissioned you will have an effective street campaign that will engage consumers and result to increased sales.

At Commissioned we offer full-service field marketing solutions for your brand, business or event. Our experts will ensure that your business receives the exposure needed when we are hired. We can also design materials that will create the desired impression and impact on your targeted audience. Whether you have specific regions or demographics that you would like to reach in your marketing campaign, we will ensure that your message is received in an effective manner. We use innovative, diversified and distinctive non-traditional media outlets to communicate with your target audience. These include, stickers, street decals, sidewalk stencils, chalk art, posters, van wraps and postcards among others. We will go to nightclubs, sporting events, lifestyle shops and music venues to promote your event. You can count on Commissioned Entertainment to deliver the most cost-effective street promotion services available.